Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hotspot Shield v2.83 Final

Hotspot Shield - Secure your wi-fi connection from hackersPublic wi-fi hotspots are generally insecure and make your computer a target for hackers and security breaches. Hotspot Shield is a lightweight simple application that offers security and privacy protection when accessing free wi-fi hotspots.Hotspot Shield enables safer web browsing when using your home Internet network or public Internet networks for both wired and wireless connections.Hotspot Shield secures through 
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HTTPS all your web transactions like shopping, downloads and filling out forms. It also keeps your identity hidden from third party websites and ISP’s, granting you anonymity throughout your entire web session, unless you choose to sign in to a certain website.Hotspot Shield Features:- HTTPS secured web browsing.- Protects your online privacy by hiding your IP address.- Enables secure and free access to all web content and can even bypass firewalls.- Protects you against hackers and security breaches when accessing public wi-fi hotspots.- Works on both wireless and wired connections.


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