Saturday, 24 August 2013

Windows Seven Transformation Pack

|File Size: 26 MB|
Ap Is Sofware Ke Madad Se Windows Xp Ko Convert Kar Ke Windows 7 Mein Tabdel Kar Sakte Hain Wo Bhe 5 Minutes Mein  To Phir Download Karo Aur Free Mein Maze Lo Windows 7 Ke

Recent changes

  • Fixed infamous welcome center being in used while reinstalling
  • Fixed missing taskkill.exe error in some machines
  • Fixed potential dwwin.exe errors during shutdown
  • Fixed shutdown dialog resource patching glitches when new updates are available
  • Fixed unsubscribing to Windows X's Live failure in Welcome Center
  • Improved deferred launcher to give startup applications lower priorities for better system performance
  • Updated ViGlance build to official release in website


Programs like Seven Transformation Pack usually modify important system files. If this isn't done properly, it could damage your computer. Transformation packs can also set off antivirus warnings, because they modify certain important system elements.

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